Shelter Dog Breaks Through 3 Doors To Look For Her Old Family

The whole escape was caught on camera — and she still needs a home.

When a dog gets left at a shelter, he’s often confused and eager to leave – and one dog decided to take matters into her own paws.

Ginger was surrendered to the Apple Valley Animal Shelter in California because her owner was no longer able to care for her. Ginger clearly loved her former owner very much and hated being left behind, and so she decided to attempt to break out of the shelter and go back to her old life.

Somehow, Ginger managed to climb out of her kennel …

… and open two different doors …

… before finally arriving in the front lobby …

… and breaking out of the final shelter door.

The entire escape was incredibly impressive, and if it weren’t for the video footage, no one would have any idea how she managed it.

Ginger was found three days later wandering around her old neighborhood, looking for her owner. The shelter is working on plans to place Ginger with a rescue who can help her work on feeling safe and secure in her future home.

Ginger is clearly a very loyal, loving dog, and will make a wonderful addition to her future family.

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