Shedding tears at the sight of her seriously injured mother dog still coming home to breastfeed

Even if it is the last strength, the mother dog still wants to satisfy her baby with her mother’s milk. This image could not stop the tears of viewers. Motherhood is extremely sacred and it always exists in any species.

Recently, photos of the moment when the mother dog was injured but still trying to crawl home to breastfeed her puppies, shared on a Thai social networking site, has taken away many tears of the online community.

Accordingly, when crossing the road, due to not paying attention, the mother dog was hit by a car. Although, the driver tried to brake hard, but due to the high speed of the car on the road, the mother dog was still hit in the head and seriously injured.

What is really infuriating, instead of stopping to see how the mother dog’s condition is, the driver heartlessly increased the throttle and sped away, leaving the mother dog with a bloody wound in the head area and lying motionless in the middle. Street.



A few minutes later, the mother dog struggled to get up and used the last of her strength to crawl back to her nest, where a thirsty baby was waiting for her mother to suckle. That moment left those who witnessed the incident both surprised and emotional.



It is possible that the mother dog collapsed right at the place where the accident happened. But no, it still stood firm. Despite the pain of the wound tearing through the heart. So what helped it get up? Only motherly love.

Can the mother dog understand that her child is too young to lose her mother, too young to take care of herself and fight the dangers outside the door. Puppies need a mother to protect and teach them their first steps. So, even if she can’t survive, the mother dog still wants to be with her baby. At least so that the puppy does not have to be caught up in the feeling of anticipation that “Where have you gone forever but haven’t come back?”.



Even when the left eye feels like it is about to fall off, the mother dog still gently licks and pats the puppy while nursing. Just looking at the picture, thousands of people’s hearts ached. Then when directly witnessing, perhaps, no one can hold back the tears.

Fortunately, a good person there took the mother dog to the emergency veterinary hospital. Doctors treated and bandaged this resilient mother dog. Hopefully the miracle will come, the mother dog will recover soon, that sacred maternal cord will pull the mother dog back to this life. Let the puppy grow up in the love and protection of the mother.

Let’s love animals! Because they also have thoughts and feelings like humans. With just a little observation, you will easily notice it. Don’t give up when you see an animal in trouble. Your life will always be bright and beautiful, because the kindness we give, will receive in return.

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