She is depressed and trying to hide her tears after believing the wrong owner!

She is depressed and trying to hide her tears after believing the wrong owner!

INSTITUTO SOS 4 PATAS PARAN was informed that an injured dog had been left under a tree, according to Paws Paws, and as soon as they received the signal, their closest rescuer went to check the situation.

They discovered that the dog had suffered severe injuries in addition to being abandoned. They saw that the dog had a neck wound, swollen eyes, and was bleeding from his nose in addition to his entire face.

They quickly made the decision to take him and go to the nearest animal shelter where they could treat the distressed dog.

It is only to verify if the dog has been exposed to other diseases or not that some tests have been undertaken.

The dog decided to sit down, indicating that something was bothering her a lot, as she was having trouble standing on her two legs.

Test results reveal that he has a partially broken jaw and that sharp objects were found in his stomach. Then, the doctors began to perform additional tests to determine what those objects are in his stomach, and the results are quite disturbing.

Although the procedure was ultimately successful, the dog was so traumatized that she immediately lost consciousness. The sharp objects were actually pieces of steel that the doctors found in her stomach.

She can finally start to eat, but the doctors are not giving her enough to eat. For now, they are giving her liquids so that her stomach can digest the food more easily.

The dog is already feeling much better every day, and his appetite and socialization have improved.

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