Severely Beaten Dog Saved By Facebook Post

When Barry the dog was discovered in a Hong Kong neighborhood early Saturday morning, she was hovering near death. Bleeding and whimpering, with a swollen tongue, Barry needed help badly.

One of the locals who found Barry quickly uploaded a photo of the suffering dog to Facebook, and a group of animal lovers responded just as fast, rushing to the scene to take Barry to an animal hospital.

 Facebook/懷疑被南亞人打至重傷的Barry (Suspect severely beaten)

While Barry was in the hospital, some of her rescuers started a Facebook group to share her story and help raise money to cover her medical care.

The group quickly grew to more than 3,000 members and raised more than $20,000 for Barry. Hundreds of the group’s members, most of whom live in Hong Kong, have written prayers and messages.

Facebook/懷疑被南亞人打至重傷的Barry (Suspect severely beaten)

Amanda Ho Min-ching, one of Barry’s rescuers who helped organize the Facebook group, told The Dodo that Barry’s first surgery was a success but “in the next few days she will undergo another round of operations.”

One of the rescuers posted a happy update in the Facebook group Tuesday morning, saying “Barry has just finished the [first] operation and it was a very successful one! good girl Barry!!! You are awesome … Thanks Elaine, Amanda and Emily for being at the hospital with Barry since 630 am this morning!!”

Facebook/懷疑被南亞人打至重傷的Barry (Suspect severely beaten)

Eventually though, Barry will be able to leave the animal hospital — and, with all the support she has already, hopefully she’ll have a loving home to go to.

It’s not clear who beat Barry so savagely or why, but the hundreds who have rallied to help her are proof that the world isn’t all bad.

Written by Jone Dark

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