Senior Dog Discarded After Years Of Loyalty Because Family Was Too Busy

Saving Carson Shelter Dogs writes that Cutie has been “rescued,” though there’s no word yet whether she’s found a forever home.

Cutie is a 15-year-old German shepherd mix who has lived a long life, and just wants a peaceful home to relax in and enjoy her old age. She had a home – but her family decided they no longer had time for this sweet senior dog, so they left her at a shelter.

Cutie was surrendered to the Carson Animal Shelter, a high-kill shelter in California, on Wednesday. Cutie is already a super senior, so her chances of being adopted are pretty slim, and now her life is in danger.

A Facebook group called Saving Carson Shelter Dogs is trying to help Cutie in the fight for her life. They posted a video of Cutie in her enclosure at the shelter. It is clear that she is confused and disoriented – and just wants, more than anything, to go home.

Cutie doesn’t have much time left unless someone steps up to be her new forever family.

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