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Sad-Eyed Dog Can’t Stop Smiling When He Realizes He’s Being Rescued

Trapped in a cement hole in Fresno, California, a dog named Leroy craned his head up to the sky, looking for someone who might be able to help.

Soon, Leroy locked eyes with a photographer taking pictures in the abandoned lot near the trench. Concerned for the dog’s safety, the photographer contacted animal control.

dog in cement hole

Animal control personnel quickly arrived at the scene, climbed into the hole and lifted Leroy to safety. Despite his ordeal, the friendly pup remained calm and adoring, thrilled to have people looking out for him.

The rescue group Compassion Without Borders took Leroy in, and staff members were shocked by the resilient dog’s amiable disposition.

“He was very sweet from the moment he was rescued,” Christi Camblor, Compassion Without Borders executive director and cofounder, told The Dodo.

dog in car

Camblor, a veterinarian, soon began fostering Leroy and taking care of his medical needs. As the days passed, Camblor and her husband felt a growing intuition that the three of them were meant to be.

“It was love at first sight!” Camblor said. “I had a feeling we would not be able to part with him.”

dog with toys

About a month into caring for Leroy, the Camblor family officially adopted him. Today, Leroy is all smiles, living with his mom and dad, participating in fun photoshoots and partaking in lots of other exciting activities.

“He is silly, playful, loving and very engaging,” Camblor said. “He loves playing with toys, playing with his dog brothers and sisters, napping and hanging out in the backyard sunbathing.”

dog with sunglasses

Well fed, cared for and constantly adored, it’s clear Leroy is finally living the life he deserves.

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