Rescuers Find Dog Alone In The Woods Using Pine Needles For A Bed

After a breeder abandoned him and a group of other dogs in the woods of South Carolina, Parker roamed the area, unsure what to do. With no bed to sleep on, the curly brown-and-white dog chose a pile of pine needles to rest his head on.

dog on pine needles

Parker avoided rescuers for days, unsure if he could trust humans. Finally, animal control officers managed to trap Parker and bring him to Halfway There Rescue, where he was placed with a knowledgeable foster to help him recover.

When Parker arrived at his foster home, he was still very nervous.

“At first, he was terrified of everything,” Parker’s foster mom, Carrie, who asked that her last name not be used, told The Dodo.

dog near tree

Carrie knew that she had to be patient with Parker and was prepared to let him adapt on his own terms. Luckily, Parker connected with his foster siblings. As he bonded with them, he began to experience the pleasures of being a dog again.

“Gradually he’s warmed up to the other dogs,” Carrie said. “I have a rescue husky-pit mix, Malala, who is a saint and often helps crack scared dogs out of their shell. They now play nonstop in the backyard and around the house.”

three dogs looking out window

As he grew increasingly comfortable with his foster family, Parker’s true personality began to shine.

“He’s a goofy, friendly, carefree dog when he’s outside with the other dogs,” Carrie said. “He plays chase and wrestles, and digs a lot in the dirt.”

dog with toy in the grass

Parker is still living with Carrie and working on building his confidence around humans. Once Carrie finds the perfect fit, Parker will leave for his forever home. “He needs someone very patient who understands this is a long-term project to gain his trust,” Carrie said.

Though he was once left to survive on his own, Parker now gets a second chance at a happy family. Day by day, he’s learning to love again.


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