Rescue poor dog from being sold into the slaughterhouse

In Vietnam, many people eat dog meal. people keep dogs to protect raise them and sell thel to the saulghterhouse for money .

On our way to the patrol residential area, We discovered and rescued them from being sold into the slaughterhouse. but those are the few that have been rescued, what about those who can’t be found .


We discovered a woman carrying pitiful dog to the slaughterhouse for sale . At first , I asked her to buy it back for 200 thousand VND, then 500 thousand, then 700 thousand but she refused difinitely to sell it .

Finally , we had to buy it again for 900 thousand VND, equivalent to 45 USD .She asked for a very hight price compared to the vietnames market . But we still have to accept because poor dogs needs to be rescued in time . Otherwise she will sell it to the slaughterhouse .


Is a faithful animal, a friend worthy of being killed for meat ?

Why are thery so ruthless ?
Tey tied it up very tightly , making it very painful ….Mentally it is very panic !

I have to reassure it often !
it panicked so it tried to escape if it had the chance . Because it panic , it does not have any passion for food , even thought it is very hungry .
We will bring him to the care center and will find him a nice owner .

it took a bath , it was so dirty and smelly but finally it was obedient .

Β He is very beautiful, very lovely, a white spotted, black brown dog and it will find a good owner soon .

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