Pup Finds New Home but Returns to Old Owner for Snuggles”

After spending four months with her new family, Twinkle the dog was returned to the rescue center for wanting to share the bed with her new parents. Twinkle was found wandering alone on the streets of Miami in June and was brought to Mission where she received all the love and care she needed, despite being skinny and having rotten teeth.

According to Lisa Letson, who is the president and founder of True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, the sweet dog underwent surgery and had to stay at the vet’s office for a few weeks to recover. During her recovery, she began to put on weight and transform into an adorable pooch. Lisa shared that the furry friend found a loving family in early September and was adopted by them. The family seemed lovely and perfect for the dog.

During the holiday season, the rescue center received an electronic mail from the recent owners of Twinkle expressing their intention to surrender her after just a four-month period. According to them, Twinkle kept on making loud noises throughout the night because she wanted to sleep on their bed. Although the family owned other mature Chihuahuas, they refused to sleep on the same bed as theirs. Consequently, they concluded that Twinkle was not a good match and decided to bring her back to the rescue center.

According to Madison Mulvihill, the social media coordinator of True and Faithful Pet Rescue, Twinkle was devastated and confused. When Mulvihill entered the main dog room, she saw Twinkle sitting in the corner on a dog bed, isolated and shaking with fear. Twinkle had a puzzled expression on her face and sadness in her heart. The owners had simply handed her over the fence upon her return. Twinkle kept looking back at the fence, and it’s hard to understand why anyone would abandon her in such a way.

Twinkle simply longed for a cozy night with her loved ones, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible. This shattered her heart, and the rescue team couldn’t help but feel the same way. They had grown fond of her since she arrived, and the fact that someone would return such a precious little soul was beyond their comprehension.

Mulvihill remarked that Twinkle is not just adorable, but also has a charming personality, all while weighing a mere three and a half pounds. She enjoys attention and will come to you if she craves your affection. Her dainty hops on the ranch’s grass are simply delightful to watch, and she loves to snuggle. Additionally, she is friendly with other dogs and walks well on a leash. If Twinkle wants a scratch, she’ll let you know by pawing at your hand.

Twinkle’s companions posted a video about her on TikTok when she returned to the shelter, hoping to find someone who could relate to her story. Surprisingly, the video went viral, and everyone on the internet fell in love with Twinkle. Due to numerous adoption inquiries, she is now ready to go to her forever home. Her new family has a king-size bed and six other dogs, where Twinkle can enjoy all the love and affection she deserves. Mulvihill, the caretaker, believes that Twinkle will finally understand what genuine love is and spend the rest of her days living happily with her new family. Twinkle just wants to love and be loved in return, and she has finally found someone who accepts her for who she is.

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