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“Pregnant Mama Dog with 11 Puppies Receives Help from Amazing People After Being Neglected”

It is the most difficult fate they can experience, but sadly, many dogs are left on the streets to fight for survival on their own. Although they are already used to such scenes, several dog lovers had to stop when they saw a dog on the sidewalk that was in very bad condition.

Her eyes were full of fatigue and her big belly made it difficult for her to move as she was trying to approach everyone and ask for help. When these people got closer to her, they saw that the mother dog was heavily pregnant.

They immediately inspected her body and found a message on her neck, left by her owner. When they read it, everything was clear to them.

Unfortunate Fate

This poor mother dog once lived happily in a warm home with her favorite person. Sadly, when she got pregnant, her owner couldn’t care for her and her children anymore so he left the message in the hope that someone would help her.

Her unfortunate fate broke their hearts and these good people had no other choice but to act quickly. When they brought her to the vet for an examination, the results showed that she was pregnant with as many as 11 puppies. She was about to give birth in just a few days.

Because her health was not good at that moment due to lack of nutrients, they left her in the hospital that day. In the meantime, the doctor gave them instructions on how to care for her when she was discharged.

When she came home, they bought all the necessities, including a big bed and a thick, warm blanket. The mother dog lacked nothing, and they showered her with a lot of love so that she would feel as good as possible when the moment of her children’s arrival comes.

Greatest Joy

After five days, the moment of her greatest joy finally came. One by one, each baby saw the light of day, and five puppies were born that morning.

The mother dog was very exhausted, but after seeing her children, her whole world, gave her the necessary energy to go through all this. Each little puppy gave her a new motive to continue, and as she showered them with kisses, she did not remove the smile from her face.

After she fed them and enjoyed their presence, it was time for the other puppies to come into this world. That afternoon, five more babies were born, and there was no end to the mother’s happiness.

The remaining puppy still refused to go out, but she didn’t give up, and that magical moment finally happened around 8 p.m. All 11 furry babies were finally together in one place, and their rescuers could enjoy the heartwarming scenes of one big happy family.

They were all healthy and eating well, but because there were so many of them, the mother didn’t have enough milk to feed them all. Fortunately, their saviors stepped in again and provided them with their outside milk, which was very nutritious.

During this time, the tired mother dog was finally able to get some rest and immediately fell asleep after lying down in her warm bed.

Happy Little Lives

These people did a huge job by cleaning all of the puppies thoroughly and feeding them with milk every two hours, but they had their own work as well. However, after they finished it, they quickly returned to visit the mother dog, who was resting in the room.

When she saw them, she was over the moon, jumping around them and showering them with many kisses. But, what she desired most at that moment was to see her children who were in the other room.

Her rescuers granted her wish immediately and brought her to her babies. When she was finally able to kiss each one of them, she was so happy that she couldn’t stop wagging her tail. They were her whole world.

Little by little, with a lot of love from their mother as well as their saviors, these puppies were happily growing up. In just a few weeks, they were much bigger, and they gradually began to separate from their mother and from the milk with which they were fed.

After 50 days of happy puppyhood in which they lacked nothing, especially love and attention, they were now big boys. Eleven new lives were ready to go on eleven new adventures and only the sky was their limit.

Meanwhile, their mother was also completely happy and healthy, and what gave her the greatest strength was the joy in her children’s eyes.

There is no greater reward for a mother than that, and the state she was in at her very beginning gives this heartwarming story another dimension.

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