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Pregnant dog rescued, loses litter, diagnosed with cancer but finds love in orphaned kittens.

July 2020 Arizona, two dogs were rescued from a gas station near the Mexico border. Sunshine Dog Rescue ,a local rescue immediately went to help the homeless animals. One of the dogs, sweet Georgia really needed help because she had been pregnant.

The dogs were living at a rural gas station near Arizona and Mexico border. Georgia the smallish shepherd mix was rushed to the vet due to her pregnancy. After the dogs were under foster care Georgia went into labor.

Even though Georgia was rescued her torture wasn’t over yet. Unfortunately on August 13th she was brought urgently for an emergency C-section and spay and quickly lost all of her puppies. What happened to Georgia was very heartwrecking. She was extremely sad and so were the volunteers and shelter stuff.

Georgia was grieving for her babies. The vet found out that her uterus had some lesions and came to the conclusion to do a biopsy to see what was really going on with poor Georgia.

Thankfull Georgia was in really good hands meanwhile the shelter came up with an idea that Georgia should shower her motherly insticts on deserving new lives.

Georgia was brought to see three orphan kittens who had lost their mother in labor. Anita brought one of the kittens to the grieving mama and started inspected them. This is not something common and doesn’t always work but they were hoping for the best. This was Georgia would have someone to take care of and the little kittens would have a mommy.

After Georgia’s biposy came back she was diagnosed with cancer but luckily it is a treatable cancer which means that she would undergo treatment as soon as the kittens were old enough to be weaned.

Georgia is somehow happy again and soon she will be fully healthy!

Below some heart melting pictures of this admiring mix family

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