Pit Bull Found Wandering Around With A 6-Pound Chain Around Her Neck

Roxanne is a 1-year-old pit bull who was found wandering around Columbia, South Carolina, all alone — with a 6-pound chain wrapped tightly around her neck.


No one knows exactly how long Roxanne had the chain around her, but her head was insanely swollen from dragging it around. Roxanne weighed only 50 pounds when she was found, meaning the chain weighed more than 10 percent of her body weight.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC heard about Roxanne and was shocked and horrified by what the poor dog had been through. The group immediately agreed to take her on and had her rushed to its vet partner in South Carolina.


Removing the chain was no easy task. It was extremely large and had to be cut off of Roxanne with heavy bolt cutters. As soon as the chain was off, Roxanne was rushed into emergency surgery.


Roxanne’s neck was cut open and exposed from the chain, and she was in critical condition for a while. Doctors were worried that she could bleed out at any moment. No one was sure if she would make it — but the little fighter somehow pulled through.


Now, Roxanne is still recovering at the vet, but is doing worlds better. Amazingly, the swelling in her head has gone down completely, so her head is back to a normal size. Roxanne has shocked everyone with her speedy recovery — and how calm she’s remained through it all.


Now that the swelling has gone down, it’s easier to see that Roxanne is emaciated, and still has a long way to go in terms of recovery. However, all other issues seem pretty small compared to the chain she had carried around her neck.

If she could overcome that, then it seems pretty certain that this dog can overcome anything.

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