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Paralyzed and Injured Dog Rescued from River Shows Tearful Gratitude

Broddick’s story is both heartbreaking and deeply moving. While trying to escape from some pursuing dogs, he slipped into a river and became trapped.

He sustained several bruises and swellings on his neck, head, ears, and cheeks. His left eye was injured and only partly closed. The desperation in his eyes was beyond words.




A kind Samaritan found him around six o’clock in the morning and rushed him to the emergency vet. Broddick had herniated discs causing him immense pain, so the vet began treating him for spinal block.

Despite his tough life, Broddick was a bright and understanding dog. It seemed his days of suffering were coming to an end.


His scratches and bites had almost completely healed, and his skin had smoothed out. He was taken off the wing and guided with a support belt. Although he was eating properly, he had lost weight.

With adjustments to his wheelchair, Broddick was able to enjoy fresh air again. However, there was bad news: the lining was deteriorating, and his parallel gland might have decayed.


Despite his overall health remaining stable—eating, drinking, and defecating normally—he suffered violent seizures at night. Necrosis, which was spreading rapidly, was the cause. Even with regular chymotrypsin therapy, the condition could spread throughout his body.


Additionally, Broddick had a large tumor in his spine that had developed into soft tissue and was cancerous. Blood tests revealed the onset of sepsis. Stronger pain medications provided only brief relief.

After several days of careful consideration, the vets decided to let Broddick go to a place where he would no longer feel pain.


“Soft clouds to you in paradise, our sweet Broddick.”

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