Owner Takes His Blind Dog Out Of Stroller, Thought No One Is Watching Him When He Bends Down

Doug Delony, a TV producer, was jogging as usual through Discovery Green Park in Houston, Texas. He noticed a spectacular thing, so he grabbed his phone and took a picture. He didn’t think that the photo would spread quickly all over the world and touch the hearts of millions of people.

A nice guy kneeling down to help a dog, and a baby stroller without baby!  That what was in Doug’s photo.

The man had no idea that he was captured by Doug. So, the TV news producer at KHOU Houston, Doug Delony, posted the picture on his Facebook page with this caption:

”I take a jog through the Park, most afternoons, and I always see this man with a stroller without baby. He brings this nice… disabled dog to the park. He lets the dog sit on the ground to take in the sound and the smell. And in the photo, he is giving it a cup of water”.

The viewers of the TV station and Doug’s friend were very officious when they saw the photo, they all wanted know more about this pup.

So, Doug explained that the dog was named Maximilian, but they call him max. he was 16 years old. He lives with his adorable owners Troy and Edie. Max was born with an acute osteoarthritis, and one blind eye, but his parents love him so much.

Troy and his wife, Edie, put the dog in the stroller, went to Discovery Green Park, and saw their old friends. They really deserve our attention, care, and love. Regrettably, the dog, Max, died in June 2017, but this story will make everyone remember him forever.

Watch the video below.

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