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Owner Abandons His Dog At The Airport So He Can Catch His Flight

What kind of person abandons their dog at the airport so they can catch a flight? This kind…

A man and his dog arrive at the Des Moines International Airport with plans to travel together but there is a problem. The man doesn’t have the right kennel so the dog isn’t allowed on the flight.

So, rather than take a later flight so he can buy a kennel, try another carrier, cancel his plans and go home, or even make arrangements to board his dog, the man simply abandons his dog, boards his plane, and flies away.

When the dog is discovered at the airport, staff call the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) for help. Tom Calvin, the CEO, told TODAY.com:

“The rescue center got a call from airport staff that the dog, who they named Allie, was left behind after her owner tried to go through the flight process without the proper kennel.”


Initially, the airlines didn’t realize the tan and white dog had been abandoned because her owner left the gate and then returned without her. But, at some point, they realized she was left behind. Tom Calvin went on to say:

Undoubtedly, Allie’s owner was very cruel to her dump her like that. She also had no identification or tags but the airlines figured out that she belonged to Charles Simon Bigsen and her real name was Stella.

Since the ARL is investigating the details, Stella remains in their care and is not up for adoption at this time. However, KCRG/ABC reports that the dog was tied up on a short leash outside the airport with no access to food, water, or shelter, no arrangements were made for anyone to pick her up, and her owner had no plans to retrieve her.

“In Iowa, a person who commits animal abandonment is guilty of a misdemeanor, according to Iowa code 717B.8. The severity of the punishment is dependent on the injuries or harm is done to the animal. A person found guilty could pay a fine of at least $105 to $8,540 depending on the type of misdemeanor, with 30 days to 2 years of imprisonment per Iowa laws.”

We’re not sure what it takes for a person to just walk away from the pet they are supposed to love and care for. According to police, “Stella would have died if not for the airport employee spotting and helping her.”

It’s clear that sweet Stella is in better hands now and hopefully she’ll be in a new loving home soon. What do you think her owner’s punishment should be?


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