On a blanket, a small stray dog curls up and hopes to find his forever home.

Recently, rescuers saved a dog who was sleeping on an active construction site, and the way they found him was just as heartbreaking as it was adorable.

It’s not uncommon for people to go to the hospital when they need help. Suzette Hall, a dedicated dog rescuer and founder of Logan’s Legacy, thinks that somehow the little dog knew that — and that’s why he ended up on hospital grounds all on his own one night.

“He just showed up there,” Hall told The Dodo. “There was no one around, nothing.”


The tiny pup wandered into a closed-off area of the hospital one night, which was undergoing renovations. The construction workers who found him the next day had no idea where he’d come from, but they were determined to help him.

At first, the workers tried to catch the dog, later named Elliot, but they had no such luck. The little dog was scared, and every time someone got close to him, he would instantly run away.

After multiple failed attempts, the workers decided to search for an experienced rescuer to help them save Elliot. In the meantime, they did what they could to make the dog as comfortable as possible.

“They left him a blanket, and he went and laid on it,” Hall said. “And he would just wait on his little blanket every day after that.”


The workers set up food and water for the pup and, eventually they found Hall’s contact information. They reached out to her, and she immediately dropped everything to help.

“When I walked in, there he was, lying on the blanket,” Hall said.

Hall could tell that the dog was timid, which meant she’d have to approach him carefully, but he didn’t even give her a chance to get close.

“As soon as he saw me, he ran,” Hall said. “He was hiding everywhere. We couldn’t find him for a bit, but I knew he couldn’t get out.”

After searching the construction site for a few hours, Hall decided to set a humane trap with a treat that always entices hungry pups: hot dogs.

“Finally, after two hours, he went into the trap,” Hall said.


Hall took Elliot straight to the vet, where they ran tests to get a better look at his health. The pup had a couple of infections, which doctors easily treated with antibiotics, but one test result shocked them.

“They did X-rays and found a little spring,” Hall said. “That’s how hungry he was. He would just eat anything.”

Luckily, Elliot was able to pass the spring on his own and required no additional intervention. Soon, he was ready to go to a foster family.


Elliot’s been loving life in his new foster home. The once-timid dog has come totally out of his shell since meeting his foster mom.

“First, he was scared, but now he’s so sweet,” Hall said. “She said he’s perfect.”

After finding out about Elliot’s love for his blanket on the construction site, his foster mom decided to surprise him with the ultimate gift: a tower of blankets. Of course, Elliot was instantly obsessed with his new cozy mountain.


Elliot’s still on the hunt for the perfect forever family, but Hall knows he’ll find them soon.

“He’s just bubbly, cute and cuddly,” Hall said. “He really is the sweetest dog.”

source THE DODO


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