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Dog’s Inspiring Tale: A Life of Love, Overcoming Challenges, and Making a Difference

Bufa, a resilient Jack Russell terrier mix, didn’t have the easiest start in life. Born without a nose, her unique appearance might have deterred some potential adopters. However, when Kelli Shook and her family crossed paths with Bufa, they saw beyond her physical differences and knew there was only one thing to do: love her unconditionally.

Mirabel, the Jack Russell without a nose, enjoys a car ride in Ohio

Discovering Bufa’s Uniqueness: A Tale of Unconditional Love

Discovered wandering the streets of eastern Kentucky on a cold, rainy day, Bufa, a senior dog, stood out not only due to her missing nose but also due to her sunny disposition. A Good Samaritan reported a facial injury, leading Bufa to an animal control center where it was revealed that her lack of a defined nose was a congenital abnormality, likely similar to a cleft palate. Additionally, Bufa, estimated to be 8 or 9 years old, showed signs of a challenging past, potentially involving a puppy mill or backyard breeding situation.

Mirabel being transfer to Woodstock Animal Clinic

Rescued and Rehabilitated: Bufa’s Journey to Woodstock Animal Foundation

Woodstock Animal Foundation stepped in, providing Bufa with the care and attention she needed. A veterinary examination unveiled the toll that years of breeding had taken on Bufa, with painful mammary tumors, an inguinal hernia, and dental issues. Bufa’s heartbreaking story and unusual appearance gained attention on social media and local news, resulting in over $6,000 in donations to cover her surgeries and aid fellow dogs at the rescue.

Bufa’s Medical Odyssey: Overcoming the Toll of Years of Breeding

Despite the positive coverage, finding Bufa a forever family proved challenging until Kelli Shook, a life coach and counselor from Toledo, Ohio, saw Bufa’s story on the news. Shook felt an inexplicable connection, recognizing Bufa’s innate charm and friendly demeanor.

A Chance for Happiness: Kelli Shook Steps into Bufa’s Life

Upon welcoming Bufa into her home, Shook wasted no time in integrating her into a youth program designed to teach empathy using unconventional yet lovable animals. Bufa, with her congenital defect, became an instant hit with children, showcasing her remarkable ability to connect with people.

Becoming an Empathy Ambassador: Bufa’s Impact Beyond the Home

Shook observed that during therapy sessions, kids opened up more easily when Bufa was present, turning her into a “little star” in their lives. The unique looks and sweet temperament of Bufa provided a valuable opportunity for Shook to impart lessons of acceptance and respect, encouraging children to embrace differences.

Mirabel the dog born without a nose and her new owner

Bufa’s Endearing Quirks: Navigating Life Without a Nose

Despite Bufa’s missing nose, her day-to-day life remains unaffected. Shook revealed that Bufa’s nose is believed to be fully functional, and she is remarkably food-motivated. The only noticeable issue is a perpetual runny nose, giving her a perpetual appearance of having a cold.

Making Every Moment Count: Bufa’s Life with the Shook Family

With Bufa’s age and a heart murmur in mind, Shook and her family are dedicated to ensuring Bufa enjoys every moment of her life. Bufa, now an empathy ambassador, is making a difference in the lives of children, proving that a challenging past does not define one’s potential to be an amazing pet or therapy animal.

A Future with Purpose: Bufa, the Ambassador of Acceptance

For those interested in following Bufa’s inspiring adventures as an empathy ambassador, you can find her on Instagram.

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