Mall Secυrity Gυards End Up Fawning Over Dog They Were Sυpposed To Kick Oυt

A few days ago, Andrea Neira was working in a shop at the Real Plaza Centro Civico, a mall in Peru, when something caught her eye.

There, sprawled out comfortably on the mall’s cool walkway tiles near her store, was a random dog.

But apparently Neira wasn’t the only one who noticed.


As Neira looked on, two mall security guards approached the peaceful pup, presumably having been sent to boot him out — or at least move him from the walkway. The dog, however, wasn’t about to make things easy.

“The guards tried to get him out, gently, of course,” Neira told The Dodo. “What the pup did was roll around, belly up, making himself more difficult to grab.”

To the dog, it was all just a game. And sure enough, it became one for the guards, too. They soon came to be charmed by the very pup they were meant to evict:

@itzyandreaneiraPerrito callejero se metio al Real Plaza de Centro Civico <3 fue muy gracioso porque el perrito se ponia panza arriba para que no lo saquen xdd#perrito#adopta#humor#centrocivico#perú#lima#realplazacentrocivico#realplaza#perrosgraciosos#foryou#viral#xyzbca#fyp♬ sonido original – Andrea Neira🍕

This went on for a while.

“They were very good with the puppy,” Neira said. “They caressed him, rubbed his belly and so on.”

Unfortunately, Neira couldn’t stop and film the scene for too long to see how things played out — she was on the clock, after all. It would seem that only those two security guards were lucky enough to get to pet the dog and make it appear to be part of their job.

“The puppy fell to the floor and they just stayed there,” Neira said, lamenting: “I would have liked to go and pet him, too, but I was at work.”

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