Little Dog Is So Very Happy His Family Built Him A Fence Window

Meet Harry — a little dog who recently discovered his one true passion in life.

Watching the world pass by.


Harry had always enjoyed hanging out in his family’s fenced-in backyard, but it didn’t offer much visual access to what lay beyond. The pickets on the fence were so closely spaced, it was pretty much impossible to look through them.

But then something happened that gave Harry the first glimpse into what he’d been missing all along. A storm knocked over the fence, and a new one was put up with a slightly different design.

“When my dad rebuilt the fence, there was some spaces [between the pickets],” Alex Mcleish, Harry’s owner, told The Dodo. “That’s when I caught Harry looking out the gaps!”


Harry was hooked.

For the first time, he could keep tabs on what was happening on the other side of the fence by peeking through the narrow slits. What could be better? A fence window, that’s what.

“I jokingly suggested it to my dad after I caught Harry spending a good amount of time staring out of the gaps,” Mcleish said. “I woke up on Sunday morning and my dad was making it for him!”


Mcleish’s dad had cut out a window in the fence just for Harry to be able to look out on the world without any obstructions.

Harry was thrilled.


“Harry knew it was for him!” Mcleish said. “He watched my dad when he was making it like he was waiting for him to be finished.”

And it was clearly worth the wait.


Ever since the window was installed, Harry’s been virtually glued to that spot — watching with glee, and a frantically wagging tail, as people and other pups walk by the house.

“He sits there for hours and will only come in when we call him,” Mcleish said.


Harry wouldn’t have voiced any complaints, of course, had the fence been left as it was. But with that adorable modification, Mcleish’s dad was able to make the pup’s favorite new pastime all the more enjoyable.

And, in a way, the dog’s family got a pleasing new view, too — one of an extra-happy Harry loving life in their backyard.

“It definitely makes us smile seeing him watching the world go by,” Mcleish said.

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