Little 10-Year-Old Canine Sacrifices Himself to Save His Human

A Heroic Act Unfolds:

In a heartbreaking incident at the end of May, a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Spike valiantly sacrificed his life to protect his beloved human.

Cobra Threatens, Spike Acts:

When a deadly cobra entered their property in South Africa, Spike acted without hesitation to save his favorite person, despite the imminent danger that tragically claimed the brave canine’s life just thirty seconds later.


Engrossed in Conversation:

Louise Grobler, his owner, was engrossed in a phone call when the snake approached the property. Unaware of the reptile’s presence, Louise was saved by Spike’s swift action. The courageous dog managed to kill the cobra but was bitten by one of its deadly fangs in the process.


A Hero Remembered:

Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done to save him. Louise recounted the tragic event. “Spike was a hero; by attacking the venomous snake, he saved my life. I was so close to the snake, I believe if Spike hadn’t jumped in and seized it by its neck, it could have bitten me as well.”


Double Tragedy Strikes:

Shortly after Spike’s heroic act, tragedy struck the family once again. Their other family dog, Prinses, also fell victim to a snake bite and sadly passed away.

Prinses’ Adoption Story:

Prinses had been adopted a few months earlier after allegedly being abandoned by her previous family. Louise shared their heartbreaking story. “She was only supposed to stay in the family for two weeks, but we loved her too much to let her go.”

A Tearful Farewell:

“She ended up having four puppies, but we gave them to a canine sanctuary. My family and I buried the pets in separate graves, but next to each other, in our front yard the day after they passed. When we buried them, Mariska (her son) cried so much that I cried with him.”


Eternal Remembrance:

Spike and Prinses will never be forgotten by their grieving family, and the courageous gesture by the little canine will be eternally remembered by Louise.

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