Kitten Who Needed a Home Finds New Brother in a Dog Who Needed a Cat.

17 months ago, a ginger kitten came to a family in Japan and found a new brother in a Shiba Inu dog.

It was love at the first sight.

Instagram @shibainu.gaku

Gaku the dog thinks that he’s part cat. Growing up with his best friend, Tarawo the cat, he was always attached to the comfort of purrs and companionship with a kitty friend. After his feline brother passed away at the age of 15, he felt that something had gone missing in his life.

A month and a half later, the family came across a little rescue kitten that needed a home. Though still mourning the loss of their beloved cat, they couldn’t bear seeing Gaku alone without a buddy to cuddle with.

On August 12, 2016, they welcomed the little ginger kitten into their family and named him Torajiro.

Instagram @shibainu.gaku

Right away, Gaku was excited to meet his new friend. He spent the whole day trying to win over the kitten’s heart.

“The next day, they started snuggling and sleeping together,” the family said.

Instagram @shibainu.gaku

The admiration Gaku had toward his little feline brother was reminiscent to his friendship with his old pal, Tarawo.

His heart was full again filled with purrs.

Instagram @shibainu.gaku

From that day on, the two brothers were constantly cuddling.

Torajiro purred up a storm whenever he was napping with Gaku. They needed each other.

Instagram @shibainu.gaku

The two ginger boys became inseparable friends, brothers and partners in crime.

“Torajiro brought happiness back to our family.”

They both share the same traits as a ginger. Torajiro looks up to his brother, following his paw-steps.

Crossing their arms while lounging about in the house.

Basking in the sun together.

Gaku kisses his brother before nuzzling up to him for a nap.

“They are always together!”

They share an incredible bond!

Over a year ago, Gaku and Torajiro found each other and became cuddly brothers for life.

Instagram @shibainu.gaku

Now Torajiro is all grown up… some things never change.


When Torajiro was a kitten…

A year later… look at them now!

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