Jessica Lewis recently decided to evacuate her college town of Statesboro, Georgia and head for home near Atlanta before Hurricane Irma arrived. There were only two problems. One was that she had a class to attend, and the other was that she had her dog Luna with her, and so she did the only thing a dog lover would do: she wrote to her professor and asked him if it would be OK to bring Luna to class with her.

“Dr Kennedy, my name is Jessica Lewis,” she wrote in a letter that’s since gone viral. “I realize the answer to this is probably no, but I thought that you might actually be a cool enough professor to say yes, and so I figured it was worth a shot. Can I bring my dog to class today?” How did the professor respond? Scroll down to find out.

Jessica Lewis decided to muster all the courage and ask her college professor if she could bring her dog to class

Girl Begs Professor To Let Her Bring Dog To Class To Save It From Hurricane, And His Response Wins Internet


She and her dog Luna were evacuating her college town but she really wanted to attend Dr Kennedy’s class

They were hoping to get to her family home near Atlanta before Hurricane Irma arrived so she really needed to take Luna with her

This is how the professor responded:

“He loved having her and had no complaints at all,” Jessica told the Dodo. “He was wonderful about it”

“She was pretty well-behaved in class”

Most of the time at least!

According to Jessica, Luna “Just walked around and got pets from everyone and made friends”

The pair were able to evacuate safely after class, all thanks to one awesome professor