Jeff Miller Everyone Fought To Save Him From Hell. Now, Nobody Wants Him.

Noah knows a thing or two about floods.

First, there was the mud pit he called home that would get so overwhelmed with rainwater, he had to stand atop his shabby dog house to stay dry.


Sympathetic workers at a construction site nearby dubbed him ‘Demo’ because the property where the dog lived had been scheduled for demolition.


Calls to the city of Hendersonville, North Carolina, came in from around the world. Outraged animal lovers posted and re-posted Noah’s plight on social media.


The very next morning, Hendersonville police chief Herbert Blake, besieged by hundreds of emails, stood in the rain to oversee Noah’s surrender to the Blue Ridge Humane Society.


Staff mobbed Noah. Locals came to pay him a visit. And Noah soaked it all up like a dog who had been long-starved for human attention.


“You have made him a rock star,” city councillor Jeff Miller told The Dodo shortly after he was rescued.


Noah was cleaned, polished and loved to a shine.

And then…?

Well, the flood has subsided. And Noah, by all accounts an exuberantly happy and profoundly grateful dog, remains at the shelter.

“We’ve had lots of kind folks inquire about his well-being and send very generous donations for his care, but we still have yet to receive any applications for this sweet Romeo,” the shelter wrote in a Facebook post on Friday. “Even after all he’s been through, Noah is a just gentle mush that ignores the fact that he’s really too big to really fit in most laps.”


For Noah, it was a short, jubilant walk to freedom on that rainy morning in January. But now, it’s a been a long wait for true happiness.


Written by Jone Dark

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