Hungry Dog ​​Ate Stones Because His Owner Left Him Without Food Or Water

 While chained, a starving two-year-old dog was forced to gnaw stones in order to stay alive and prevent famine. The dog, a Doberman-pinscher mix named Lou, was severely tormented by his owner, David Neanover, 36, in Butler County, Ohio.


Concerned by the horrific mistreatment they were watching, David’s neighbors decided to report the horrendous act to the local sheriff. Lou was discovered in a deplorable condition, confined by a tiny chain and in desperate need of food and water.

The dog also had multiple significant open wounds on its body, indicating that it had been through a difficult period. The Animal Friends Humane Society was in charge of doing the required medical examinations after Lou was removed and rescued from this place.


The dog’s tongue was uncomfortable and a piece of it was missing, making it difficult for him to eat properly.

He reportedly had a staph infection and was so thin that his rib cage could be seen through the skin, according to the Daily Mail.


The shelter stated on Facebook:

“Lou had been deprived of food for a long period and was shackled.”

Lou had pebbles in his digestive tract, indicating that he had eaten them in an attempt to survive, according to many X-rays.


Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones claimed that no normal person could look at this awful event and feel it is right.

Despite the fact that the pup’s health is difficult to see in photographs, the shelter made every attempt to save him. Lou was treated for five days, but despite Animal Friends’ best efforts, the dog died a few days later.


David Neanover, called “Lucifer” by others, was captured by police and sent to court to be convicted. After a judge declined to charge him with animal cruelty, some individuals demanded that he be punished.

Protesters waved placards demanding justice outside the courthouse. In his defense, David’s attorney claimed that the dog died as a consequence of a medical problem, not because of the cruelty.


Fortunately, several individuals joined the case and shared their perspectives, including someone who was close to David.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the anonymous person emailed the judge the following letter:

“I’m asking for the full force of the law.” Allowing a sweet and innocent person to languish in filth, without food or water, and without love or kindness is inhumane. David even called him “Lucifer,” which is precisely what he should be called.”


The author of the letter went on to say:

“These animal abusers would suffer the repercussions of their conduct if I were a judge.” Animals are merely innocent spirits in different forms.”

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