Hikers Stumble Upon Abandoned Puppy, Decide To Keep Him

Ceder Wright and Alex Honnold are basically explorers for a living — the two travel together to crazy places around the world and record their journeys for National Geographic. On a recent trip through the American Southwest, they picked up an unexpected addition.


The two men had stopped somewhere in the desert for a bathroom break when they spotted a tiny, shivering puppy curled up in an old tire. They couldn’t just leave him there, so they picked him up and took him in.

Of course, they weren’t prepared for raising a puppy on their trip, so they fed him string cheese and let him drink their water.


The duo named him Sufferpup … after the name of their grueling expedition through the desert, Sufferfest.

He quickly became the unofficial mascot of their trip, trotting along after the men everywhere they went.


As they traveled, the little puppy grew bigger, stronger and happier. And at night, Sufferpup curled up inside an empty box of beer.


After the expedition was over, Sufferpup was adopted by an awesome family in Colorado. But Wright and Honnold still go back to visit their little adventure buddy — even though he’s a LOT bigger now.


Watch the whole adorable video here:

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