Unexpected Heroism Unfolds:

In a courageous act of bravery, a Labrador Retriever in Cedar Hills, Utah, faced off against a mountain lion on July 19 to protect its family. Despite sustaining severe injuries, the dog survived the encounter.

Hero Labrador Retriever Saves Family From Mountain Lion in Utah

Alert Labrador Takes Action: 

While Crystal Michaelis and her children played outside in the backyard, Ella, a 7-year-old yellow Lab, sensed the presence of the mountain lion. Although Michaelis didn’t spot the big cat, she noticed Ella behaving strangely, attentively watching over the kids and scanning the area where the mountain lion lurked.

“She kept looking at the kids and then quickly looking back,” Michaelis explained. “She was simply being cautious, and my daughter found it very concerning.”

Concerns Escalate: 

Michaelis eventually took her kids indoors, and upon their return to the patio, they discovered Ella with severe cuts on her head, face, legs, tongue, and neck. The scene was distressing, with blood covering the door and patio.

Mountain Lion Savages Family Dog in Backyard Moments After Kids Went Inside

Unseen Battle, Visible Wounds:

The family did not witness the confrontation, but officers from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources found mountain lion tracks leading to the scene. Wildlife officials suggested that the mountain lion might have been distracted by nearby goats in a neighbor’s yard, venturing too close to the Michaelis’ home.

Ella’s Heroic Stand:

Ella, the 7-year-old Lab, endured cuts on her head, neck, legs, tongue, and more than 30 bites on her body after defending her family from a mountain lion in Cedar Hills.

Ongoing Caution for Residents:

The Utah DWR has not reported additional mountain lion sightings but cautioned residents to stay vigilant and safe. Wildlife officials explained that the mountain lion may have been attracted by nearby deer, a primary food source for cougars.

Resilient Recovery Ahead:

Despite suffering over 30 bites from the shoulders up, Ella never gave up and maintained a protective stance to defend her family. Crystal Michaelis expressed to reporters that Ella is expected to fully recover despite her injuries.

Spread the Word:

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