Guy Smashes Window To Save Dog Trapped In Hot Car

“The man that stepped up was very brave to do what he did to get the dog out.”

With summer on the way, temperatures outside have begun to rise. But while that’s welcome news for many, it’s not without its dangers — especially for dogs, who are all too often left alone inside cars.

Fortunately, in this case, the poor pup’s plight didn’t go unnoticed.


The other day, Zoey Thornton was visiting a local grocery store with her mom when they noticed people gathering around a car parked in the lot out front. They soon learned that a dog was trapped inside, panting in the heat.

“It was a very hot day,” Thornton told The Dodo.

Store employees were alerted, but after a half hour passed without the dog’s owners being found, Thornton called the police for help. But with time to save the dog running out, a Good Samaritan stepped forward.

Thornton recorded a video of what happened next:

“The man that stepped up was very brave to do what he did to get the dog out,” Thornton said. “I was very happy and relieved he got her out before anything more serious happened.”

Thankfully, the dog was rescued just in time.


The police did eventually arrive and, according to Thornton, seemed to have no issue with the Good Samaritan’s actions. When the dog’s owners returned, the police issued them a warning.

“I just hope they’ve learnt a lesson and don’t do it again,” Thornton said.

Sadly, still too many people leave their dogs in cars not realizing that temperatures inside can quickly rise to deadly levels, even if the day outside feels mild. Thornton hopes what she witnessed that day will serve as an important reminder:

“I posted the video so people would understand it’s not OK.”

Laws vary state by state when it comes to breaking into a car to save a dog, but placing a call to 911 is typically required beforehand. Regardless of the jurisdiction, it’s a good idea to brush up on what to do if you see a pet trapped inside a hot car, especially as hotter weather approaches.

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