German Shepherd abandoned and Left in a dumpster, he was wearing nothing but a smile when he was found.

German Shepherd Abandoned And Left In A Dumpster Finds New Family


Unfortunately, not all dog pets have the privilege of living happily ever after with their first owner. Nor are all owners equally responsible. Carlile, the German Shepherd puppy, was only five months old when he was dumped in a car wash dumpster by his family.

For most abandoned dogs, that would be it, but Carlile was lucky enough to be found by Tampa car wash workers. His life story, aside from being truly inspiring and heartwarming, is proof that good always prevails no matter what. Find out why!

Carlile Was Only 5 Months Old When Car Wash Staff Found Him

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Carlile was only a five-month-old puppy when he was spotted by a Tampa car wash worker. Even though he was abandoned and trapped in a dumpster, he was wearing nothing but a smile when he was found.

The good soul of a Tampa car wash manager was enough for this puppy to find his refuge in the local shelter. He immediately contacted the Humane Society of Tampa Bay staff who were ready to give Carlile a temporary home.

He Was Forwarded To HSTB

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It didn’t take long for the HSTB team to take in Carlile. He was immediately accepted and taken care of. Not only does this facility provide help for stray dogs, but they also take in risk animals and provide hospital services.

Carlile showed no signs of aggression nor was he hard to work with. Quite the opposite – he was extremely friendly and affectionate to all staff members.

“Rescue dogs make the best kind of dogs.”

After less than a week, he was successfully treated and ready for adoption. The Humane Society of Tampa Bay team, indeed, did a humane job.

Hookworms Were Successfully Treated

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When he was first taken in by the HSTB, Carlile had hookworms. Unfortunately, his hookworm infection was caused by poor sanitation and the bad conditions he was found in.

Most young puppies have severe symptoms from these particular parasites, but luckily, Carlile was fine throughout the whole treatment. Out of severe symptoms, such as diarrhea, anemia, bleeding, and loss of appetite, he only had skin irritation.

He was immediately subjected to medication, and cured in record time. The HSTB team also made sure that Carlile got his first vaccine, deworming, and a microchip. From that moment on, he was finally ready to get out there and meet his new family.

The Serio Family Was The Lucky One

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As soon as the HSTB team told the story of Carlile on social media, the Serio family had no doubts.

Pam Serio, who recently lost her German Shepherd pet, was willing to do anything to make Carlile a new family member. She immediately fell in love with this floppy-eared furball, and decided that waiting is not an option.

The shelter generally opens at 9 A.M., but Pam decided to go “a little early.” She literally parked in front of the shelter at midnight just to make sure she didn’t miss out on adopting this sweet GS boy.

In a way, everything came together. Pam lost her first dog, and Carlile lost his first family. He was desperately looking for a friend, as he was a friend, himself. Pam was also looking for a lifetime pet whom she could love and cuddle.

“Bruce Wayne” In The Making?

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Today, Carlile is a one-year-old boy who lives a happy life with his new family. Well, he would probably disagree on this “new” thing, as it has already been around eight months for him in the Serio home.

There is only one dilemma for Pam and her family – whether to name Carlile “Bruce Wayne” or to keep his name exactly the same. From now on, it’s all about sweet torments for this cute GSD.

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