From Unloved to Lucky: The Sweet Tale of a ‘Ugly’ Faced Dog

The dog with the ugly face nobody wanted to take, but he was lucky

This story speaks about a Weimaraner dog called Murray; whose start in life was so rough as he was starving, sick and abandoned. He was found in Puerto Rico, on a spot that is well-known to be full of dumping animals called Dead Dog Beach.

He was rescued with his 3 siblings by the Sato Project. That’s when Murray showed signs of a fatal virus called distemper, that affects nervous symptoms and respiratory.

The veterinarians wanted to euthanize Murray, but seeing him wagging his tail changed their minds, and decided to save his life no matter what it took.

Murray’s tongue was caused to flop out of his mouth as he has no teeth because of the virus. But thankfully, he survived the virus.



The great thing was that the dog got adopted by Mackenzie Gallant and her family, and he will continue his life in a forever home, where he’s so happy. What a happy ending!

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