Family Who Paid For Funeral Services For Their Dead Dog, Finds His Body Dumped Like Trash

Dog owners always try to give their dogs what they can to let them have the best life ever. However, this includes their death, and funerals. Unfortunately, there are some people who really do not appreciate these moments and this story speaks about a few of them.

One family in Teusaquillo, Bogotá, Colombia, went to funeral service after their dog’s death in order to give their lovely pet a proper funeral. They even paid money to the funeral service, but what happened next was completely shocking to the family.


The story was shared on Twitter by Marcela Valencia stating her family took their dog after he died to a funeral service company, that is well-known in Colombia, to give their dog a proper funeral, but the dog’s dead body was found dumped on the street!


Valencia’s case went viral all over the country, which let the authorities of the government speak out. The government said that they contacted the mayor of Bunidos, Antonio Carrillo, about the case for an explanation. The dog’s body was found with an untraceable bracelet belonged to Capillas de la Fe, which left them unable to know the responsible vet.

Capillas de la Fe claimed that they had no idea about that and went to take the body of the dog to give him a proper farewell. They also added that they would investigate to know the responsible veterinarian.

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