Family Adopts Resilient Dog Rescued from Euthanasia, Dubbed the ‘Unicorn Dog’.

It ends up unicorns actually do exist– and also Strawberry proves they are the sweetest animals.

The unicorn dog was originally on a sanctuary’s mercy killing listing, until she was rescued in the nick of time by a regional rescue company. Now, Strawberry is living her finest life with her for life family members.

In April 2022, Laura Labelle, owner of the Labelle Foundation in Los Angeles, was sorting through the dozens of e-mails she obtains daily. She saw a picture of a pit bull in an email from a sanctuary claiming the pup would certainly be euthanized if she didn’t locate a new residence. There was something special regarding this dog: She had a big bump on her head, above her left eye.

” There was simply something that talked to me regarding her, that little unicorn,” Labelle tells Daily Paws. “I resembled, oh my God, she’s so cute, this pet dog is adorable, she’s going to get scooped up in a heartbeat.”

After realizing she had “to conserve her,” Labelle mosted likely to the sanctuary to select her up and also the unicorn pup’s caring attitude quickly welcomed her.

” They brought her bent on me and she was simply the sweetest,” Labelle states about her initial encounter with the special dog.

The Secret Bump
Unfortunately, she had not been in the very best problem physically. Along with the dog’s strange unicorn bump, Labelle states the canine’s skin was “horrific,” bright red as well as scabbed over. Thus, the name Strawberry appeared quite suitable.

Labelle claims she obtained great deals of supposition about what the bump on Strawberry’s head could be, with people questioning if it could be a tumor. The rescue increased sufficient cash to get Strawberry a CT check on her head, and they located the bump is basically just old scar cells, possibly from an old injury, however there’s no other way to understand for sure exactly how the dog got it. Fortunately, it’s harmless.

Because Strawberry’s bump does not create her any type of pain, Labelle says cosmetic surgeons determined that “it would certainly do her even more injury than excellent” to try to remove it due to exactly how close it is to her brain.

” We were simply thrilled since we were so afraid that it was going to be something horrible and fatal,” Labelle says. “And it was just a funny scar, therefore to us, it just endeared her even more.”

Strawberry dealt with Labelle awhile prior to going to a foster home. Labelle claims she’s a “delightful spirit” who got along with everyone in your house, including her feline and children. After moving to her foster home, she was eventually qualified for fostering, where she was embraced by a “lovely family members with outstanding children who love her.”

Strawberry’s New Family members
In September 2022, Kristen Kulhman and her household made a decision to adopt the distinctive dog after seeing the Labelle Structure’s Instagram articles regarding her.

” She maintained turning up, as well as I assume it was simply her wonderful, gentle eyes and that bump on her head that’s so unusual,” Kulhman informs Daily Paws. “That’s the type of dog I wan na aid which’s the type of canine I enjoy.”

When two-year-old Strawberry first reached her for life home, Kuhlman says she was a little worried, which was to be expected after she had moved so many times. After a few weeks, however, Kulhman says the puppy began to come out of her covering, becoming a “fun, remarkable canine.”

Now, Kuhlman states Strawberry is a busy pet dog who always “wishes to belong to the action.” The active pooch loves playing bring with her human brother or sisters and has lately started appreciating walks. Kulhman says they made use of to make her a little worried.

“She is most likely one of the most caring, loving, cuddly dog I have actually ever before met,” Kulhman states.

Labelle states there are lots of unique dogs out there like Strawberry who shouldn’t be ignored and be entitled to a 2nd possibility.

“Identifying that dogs can have distinctions as well as it makes them additional unique instead of undesirable, I think is such a beautiful present,” Labelle claims.


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