Every day, the canine serves as a “driver,” helping his owners reach the market.

Hearing the story of a dog who goes to the market every day to help his owner, many people can’t help but be moved and love “this big boss” (a funny way of calling a pet).

At the end of August, the image of a dog going to the market to help its owner every morning was shared on a news site and quickly attracted many people’s interest. From the house to the market, the dog will “carry” the bag of food from the market to the house. Many people are surprised by the maturity and docility of this special dog.
Investigating carefully, it turns out that the owner of the dog is an old man and lives alone without a wife and children. 4 years ago, he adopted the dog and named it “Mu Dong” – a buffalo boy. Explaining this special name, the old man said that Muc Dong is a very smart dog who knows how to help him in the garden and knows how to herd buffaloes.

When the old man was still healthy, every morning he would go to the market with Mu Dong to buy food. Therefore, the dog also remembers the way and even gets acquainted with the small merchants that the old man often goes to buy goods at the market. Recently, the old man became ill so he couldn’t go out to buy things like usual. Due to living alone, he did not have relatives to take care of him. So, the smart Mu Dong took care of the old man’s shopping.
The special thing is, this dog is very understanding because he goes to his destination, doesn’t hang around and play. This “driver” is also very careful when “carrying” vegetables from the market to his home, not being scattered along the road. Even, in the middle of the road, he met “accomplices”, Muc Dong also refused to participate in “fun” to focus on completing the task of going to the market to help his owner.


“Shepherd’s existence makes me feel very warm. Ever since I was little, I’ve always been alone, but since having it with me, life has become much more meaningful. I’m just afraid… if there’s no me anymore, who will take care of this little guy?”, the old man confided.

Sometimes, a dog is not only a pet in the house but also becomes a close “friend”, helping the owner to be less lonely. That is also the reason why many single people choose to be friends with a dog, cat or any other pet species kept in the house.
The story of the old man and the shepherd dog quickly attracted many people’s interest. In addition to praising the dog for being too smart, a kind person also offered to support the old man because he was sorry for the lonely, old and sick situation.

Recently, a dog in Sa Pa also made many netizens choke because of his loyal love for the owner. Due to injuries from the fire, the dog’s owner had to be hospitalized for treatment. So, from then on, the dog sat in front of the house, looked at the pile of rubble and waited for the owner to return, determined not to follow anyone.

Many people have considered pets such as dogs, cats, birds … as friends and stood up to call out “dogs are not food, dogs are friends” before dog theft.

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