Emotional Vibes Stirred as Senior Dog Celebrates 13th Birthday

Dog owners throwing a birthday party for their fur babies is nothing new. In fact, we’re not afraid to admit we’ve done it for our dogs before too. LOL! But this recent birthday party that TikTok user @tatyana.jade threw for their senior dog is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

This TikToker brought up an excellent point that their baby only turns 13 years old once, which of course means you have to go all out. And trust us, these dog owners went over the top. Absolutely worth it to see the smile on this Golden Retriever’s face!

O.M.G. Can he have another party so we can go? LOL! The party we threw for our dog was just at our house, but after watching this clip we need to step it up. Rent out a party space, get the cutest doggy cake, and have party hats for days.

“I love how you showed videos and pictures of him through the years,” said @catmama5. SAME! We’re definitely taking this idea for the next party we have for our fur babies. It’s such a sweet touch that everyone will love. And don’t even get us started on how he opened his presents. He knew there were goodies hiding in them. LOL!

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