Dogs Have Amazing Reaction When Mom Tells Story Using Their Favorite Words

Meet Huxley and Mila — two adorable pit bulls who know a good thing when they hear one.

And you might say, they’re all ears.


Huxley and Mila live with their doting owner, Kaitlyn Daughtry. She’s well-aware that, though her pups may seem content lounging about or playing, the mere mention of certain words is all it takes to get their undivided attention.

“They are amazing listeners,” Daughtry told The Dodo. “When they hear those words, they perk up and definitely know what I’m talking about.”

What are those words, exactly? You’ll soon be able to tell.

The other day, Daughtry thought it would be fun to tell Huxley and Mila a little story — an off-the-cuff tale full of their favorite vocabulary. And the pups’ reactions were simply priceless.

Here’s video of that special story time session:

“I thought it was the cutest ever!” Daughtry said. “It was so hard not to laugh when I was telling the story.”

You may have noticed that “Grandma” was among the dogs’ favorite words. There’s good reason for that.

“She’s clearly the favorite,” Daughtry said. “She brings personalized bags with their names on it, every time, with toys and treats in them.”

And wouldn’t you know it — not long after story time, Grandma paid a visit:

For Huxley and Mila, words clearly matter.

But what’s more important is the language of the heart in the love they share with Daughtry.


“They are seriously the best dogs,” Daughtry said. “I’m not just saying that because they’re mine.”

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