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Dog’s Emotional Reunion With Dad After 18 Months Away Will Bring You To Tears

Ellie has a deep and abiding love for her dad. The English coonhound, age 3, would do anything to be with him. Her father, however, was forced to make the heartbreaking choice to give her up when circumstances pulled the two out of their home.


Until fate stepped in at precisely the perfect moment, Ellie believed she would never see him again.


In order to take Ellie, our veterinarian’s office contacted us in June 2021, according to Cara Seiler of Canine Haven Rescue Inc. He had recently lost his wife and had to move in with his daughter, who forbade him from bringing Ellie. Her owner was a client there.

Ellie’s dad made sure she would be taken care of even though it wasn’t an easy choice.



She entered a foster home and stayed there for a year and a half with no interest from prospective adoptive parents, which still puzzles Seiler.


According to Seiler, “her prior owner had maintained touch and had even given some toys and clothing for her.” We don’t know why no one has ever applied to adopt Ellie because she is such a nice and loving girl.



Ellie’s father kept a careful eye on her when they were away.


When we told him she was still alive, Seiler recalled, “you could hear tears in his voice.” “He then stated he could take Ellie if we would let him have her back because he was moving in with his sister in South Carolina, who adored dogs. Therefore, we arranged for them to meet in our veterinary clinic.


The touching reunion can be seen here:



As soon as he approached the door, she recognized him, according to Seiler. She was happy to meet her father once more.


The content puppy moved in with her father in South Carolina, and they haven’t parted since.


Seiler remarked, “She was intended to be with [him].” She had a goal.

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