Dog Won’t Stop Hugging His Dad Who Was Injured In A Fall

Nothing compares to the love dogs have for their owners. Just ask this loyal pup named Tony, who was devastated when it seemed as though he might have lost his dad forever.

dog comforts owner injured in fall

On Saturday, Tony’s owner, Jesus Hueche, was pruning a tree outside their home in Argentina when he slipped and fell about 6 feet down to the concrete sidewalk below. He had hit his head and lost consciousness, but thankfully his situation didn’t go unnoticed — and throughout the ordeal, Hueche was never alone.

When paramedics arrived, they found Tony by his side.

dog comforts owner injured in fall

While emergency crews attended to the injured Hueche, fitting him with a neck brace, the dog continued to embrace him and refused to leave his spot.

Tony was worried sick.

dog comforts owner injured in fall

Hueche eventually did come to, and gave Tony a few reassuring pats to let him know he was going to be OK.

dog comforts owner injured in fall

When it came time to load Hueche into an ambulance to take him to the hospital, Tony persisted; he tried to climb inside with him.

But the dog and his beloved owner wouldn’t be apart for long.

dog comforts owner injured in fall

Fortunately, Hueche’s injuries were said to have been mild, and he was released from the hospital a short while later to reunite with Tony. The images of the dog’s tender reaction during his rescue, meanwhile, quickly went viral on social media.

Local radio station La Brujula 24 recently caught up with Hueche to learn more about his faithful pup, whom he had rescued as a stray.

“One day we saw him on the street and adopted him, gave him love, food and [he] is part of our family,” Hueche told the station. “For me he’s like a son.”

And for Tony, his dad clearly means the world.


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