Dog With The Longest Neck Is Basically A Turtleneck Model

Most dogs make a fuss when it’s time to put on their winter coats — but not Hazel. The silken windhound’s closet is bigger than most humans’, and she has style to spare.

Hazel is a long girl — she has a long neck, long body, long nose and “linguine legs,” as her mom, May, calls them. So it’s only fitting that her favorite piece of clothing is a turtleneck.

Dog wears turtleneck shirts

Hazel has specially-made turtlenecks in every color and pattern, and will occasionally pair them with a scarf to accent her long neck.

Dog is a fashion influencer

But the 2-year-old dog’s turtlenecks are not only a fashion statement — they’re practical, too. Since she doesn’t have an undercoat or a lot of body fat, Hazel can get cold easily, and her turtlenecks keep her cozy and comfortable during the fall and winter.

“Because sighthounds like Hazel are so thin, they really benefit from wearing clothes in the colder months,” May, who asked that her last name not be included, told The Dodo. “Now that it’s getting warmer, she only wears them to take photos, and spends most of her days running around naked!”


Though Hazel may look fancy in her preppy outfits — she’s just a happy, friendly girl.

“She’s genuinely got the sweetest personality of almost any dog I’ve ever met,” May said. “She’s incredibly extroverted and loves every single person and dog she meets. If I don’t let her greet everyone we pass on the sidewalk, she acts like it’s a tragedy.”


Hazel has become an unlikely fashion influencer on Instagram, and she’s single-handedly bringing turtlenecks back in style.

But Hazel looks good in just about anything.


“Hazel is honestly the perfect dog in terms of being fun to dress,” May said. “She’s got these wildly long proportions and her black coat means that she looks good in pretty much any color.”

“She’s also quite a good model,” May added, “because she gets paid for her work with treats.”

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