Dog Watching From Balcony Suddenly Sees The Face That She’s Been Missing

When Michele Geda learned that he’d gotten accepted into a music program at a school in Florence, Italy, hundreds of miles from home, it came as bittersweet news.

On the one hand, it was a chance to study a subject he loves. But on the other, it meant he’d have to live apart from his beloved dog, Kora.


Upon moving away for school, Geda left Kora in the loving care of his parents.

The distance now between them, however, did little to weaken the bond of love they share.

In fact, it’s only done the opposite.


After three months away, Geda leaped at the opportunity to return home for a visit. His parents, of course, knew to be expecting him — but news of Geda’s imminent arrival hadn’t been conveyed to Kora.

That would come as the sweetest surprise.

Joining Geda’s parents on the balcony of their home, Kora’s ears suddenly perked up at the sounds of a car’s approach. Then she saw the driver’s face:

To receive such a heartfelt welcome gives a feeling unlike any other.

“It’s something that you cannot easily describe in words,” Geda told The Dodo. “She makes me feel so loved and blessed.”


Since then, Geda has made it a point to return home for visits every couple of months. And, sure enough, he’s always greeted the same way by Kora.

It won’t be long before Geda’s studies will be over, though, and he hopes to soon remain with Kora for good. In the meantime, she’s not without joy and affection.

“She gives and gets so much love and company from my parents,” Geda said.

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