Dog Watches Helplessly As Coyote Plays With The Toys She Left Outside

This pup named Penny thought her toys would be safe out in the backyard where she’d left them.

Penny, however, was sorely mistaken.


The other day, while the dog was inside, a coyote appeared in the yard. Though the wild visitor was likely just planning to pass through, the sight of Penny’s toys lying out unprotected was too exciting to pass up.

With that, the coyote let the good times roll — much to Penny’s dismay.

As you see from video of that moment, Penny could only look on helplessly as her cherished toys were enjoyed by someone else:

Hopefully, for Penny’s sake, the coyote didn’t do too much damage to her plush playthings.

Difficult as it may have been for the adorable dog to see her toys being borrowed by a stranger, it’s a nice reminder that coyotes, too, sometimes take a little time to enjoy the funner parts of life.

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