Dog was dumped alone in the field, suffered with biggest tumor. She has had a sad and rough life.

She was picked up as a stray out in the field! But maybe some one left her alone on the field. She’s a little old lady who’s has a sad and rough life and she needs to know love! She’s very cranky and needs a foster!! She nearly got me! Poor baby! P
AIN…Pain will certainly illicit that response…and all the other horror in her life! We have her plan set for the duration of her medical treatments. Who can give her some love?!!! Committed long term foster needed! Who can give her some love?!!! Committed long term foster needed! Not surprised she is cranky dragging that awful mass around, and then being dumped in a field, so sad for this little lady poor darling! We have her scheduled to get in to Smart Approach Veterinary Services 3 days later.
Day 4: She had a successful surgery to repair a very complicated double hernia. Heading home! Let the healing begin!! Day 6: She can be so sweet…. Until she’s not! Well look who’s awake! She got up during the night and ate a little of her food I left for her, she let me say good morning and even rolled over….
and then she was done! She’s doing great, so far so good, getting her meds and eating, I’m so happy for her! Hahaha! Day 8: Enjoying a little walk! Sassy is feeling a little better, I took her out for some sunshine and fresh air, we went on a little walk around my neighborhood! I moved her out of my bathroom to the kitchen so she can see what’s going on and not be alone.
She’s not eating regularly enough to dose her food so I had to syringe her meds, can’t take any chances she not getting all her meds! Day 12: Rehabbing her legs One week out of Sassy’s double inguinal hernia repair surgery and she’s doing so good!!! She’s on the mend, we are making friends and she’s learning I’m not going to hurt her.
Today is the last day of her antibiotics and she’s slowly getting back on her feet, eating peeing and pooping is getting back on track She’s a little overweight and we are going to take some of the burden on her hind legs off by trimming down. This is the perfect opportunity as her appetite is not back to normal.
Hanging out with my little Sassy. Day 13: She’s a snuggle bunny! She’s my buddy now! I’m laying in her x pen next to her and she’s so happy! Day 17: Her legs are getting stronger! She’s healing very nicely! She’s healing very nicely and is beginning to get back on her feet. She’s learning to walk without that massive hernia that was actually attached to her hind leg, Slowly, one day at a time she’s making progress both emotionally and physically, she’s become such a happy girl from the once sad, shut down and cranky biter she used to be!
Loving the sunshine and beautiful day out! Day 25: She was seen for her post surgery recheck and had most of her stitches removed, a few needed more time and she’s on another week of antibiotics but she’s feeling great! She loves Snookers and just wants to play! While she’s a big sweetheart with me she wanted to eat the vet tech! She remembered him! Haha.
She’s been watching her calories too, looking fit and trim isn’t she?!!! Day 120: Can you recognize little Sassy now! She’s fully healthy and happy now! Sassy live in full of care and love. She’s very happy now! Lulu and Sassy having so much fun playing together! Grump old man Shadow says “get off my lawn!” When scared, medical rescue dogs heal their minds and bodies and find their happy place and play it’s the best! Thanks all for your alway support!

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