Dog Walking Like A Human So Happy To Be Applauded As He Leads Parade


In 2015, Dexter was involved in a freak accident that left him without the use of his front legs. As he healed, his family wasn’t sure what his life would look like going forward and if he would be able to explore the world the way he used to. They were worried he might be limited — and then he learned to walk like a human.

Somehow, Dexter taught himself to walk upright on his two back legs, exactly the way he saw his family walking. Now, he has no problem getting around and loves to stroll through the world as if nothing ever happened. His determination is unmatched, and he inspires the people around him every single day.

One of Dexter’s favorite things to do is meet new people, and he never misses an opportunity to turn a stranger into a new friend. Recently, he and his family were at their town’s Fourth of July celebration, and there were cars and trucks lined up everywhere as part of the festivities. When Dexter saw all of the cars and people, his eyes lit up, and he immediately began running like a human from car to car, trying to say hi to all of his friends both old and new.

“[He] was waiting for the parade to start and we were walking from our house to our place in line,” Kentee Pasek, Dexter’s mom, told The Dodo. “We had about 15 to 20 vehicles he passed and greeted everyone. The town knows him and he just goes up like this to say hi!”

Dog Who Walks Like A Human So Excited To Be Cheered On As He Leads Parade

People were so thrilled to see Dexter, and he happily strolled from one car to the next. The parade hadn’t started yet, but for Dexter and everyone who loves him, this was the real parade.

“Dexter loves the attention and goes to visit anyone who says his name or says hi,” Pasek said. “He lives to say hi to people and show off and strut! All day long!”

After his self-created pre-parade, Dexter actually got to walk in the real parade, too. He showed off his unique strut for the entire town, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was absolutely the best part of the whole parade.

Dexter may have lost the use of his front legs, but he never let it slow him down. He adapted and found the most adorable way to get around, and now he loves strolling around like a human and saying hi to anyone and everyone.

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