Dog Tries To Steal Baseball Bat From Player During Game

She was only trying to do her job 😂

This sweet pup is named Miss Lou Lou Gehrig. She works as a bat-collecting dog for the Greensboro Grasshoppers, a Minor League Baseball team in North Carolina — and she clearly loves doing her job.

Well, if you’ll let her, that is.


Typically, a batter only drops their bat when they make a hit, after which Miss Lou Lou Gehrig comes racing in to retrieve it. That’s what she does, and she does it well.

But recently, one of her teammates just had to go and throw everything off.

Grasshopper Jhonny Santos was up to bat during a game this week when, for whatever reason, he decided to drop the bat at his feet after a pitch. Though the bat was only on the ground for a moment before Santos picked it up again, Miss Lou Lou Gehrig was already en route to grab it.

Santos had totally flipped the script, causing confusion for the hardworking bat-dog. Here’s that moment on video:

It’s pretty obvious who was at fault.

Now, we wouldn’t necessarily call for Santos to be suspended for pulling one over on this dutiful pup, though perhaps a sizable fine (paid in dog treats) would be appropriate.

In short, while it may have looked like Miss Lou Lou Gehrig was trying to steal the bat, she was only doing her job. But there’s no doubt that she did actually steal everyone’s hearts.

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