Dog Trainer Breaks World Record With Impressive 14-Dog Conga Line

German Dog Trainer Sets New World Record with Impressive 14-Dog Conga Line

Wolfgang Lauenburger led his 14 dogs, named Bibi, Cathy, Charly, Elvis, Emma, Filou, Fin, Jennifer, Katie, Maya, Simon, Speck, Susy, and Ulf, in setting a new world record.

Wolfgang Lauenburger earned the record in Stuckenbrock in August 2022, according to Guinness World Records.

This achievement surpassed his daughter Alexa’s previous record of 9 dogs in a conga line. Wolfgang is no stranger to world records, as he has already set several including the most skips by a dog on hind legs in 30 seconds and the most rollovers by a dog in one minute.

Wolfgang now has 10 Guinness World Records titles, leaving Alexa with just one

The 14 dogs are seen practicing their formation.

He beat out his own daughter, Alexa, who has appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” and held the previous record of nine dogs.


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