Dog Tied Up In Garbage Bag And Left By A River Bed To Rot Is Rescυed Jυst In Time

Every now then there’s an animal rescue story that takes my breath away. Oliviero’s is one such story.

Please note that this story includes some graphic images which will be disturbing to some readers.

Two women were walking in Messina in southern Italy once they stumbled across a trash bag lying during a dry river. They heard whimpers coming from the bag and visited investigate. What they found shocked and horrified them.

The dog had been bound with electrical wire, put during a garbage bag then dumped along the Terme Vigliatore river. to feature to the horror of the scene, a dead calf lay rotting nearby.

Help was called and an animal rescue volunteer, Linda Li, arrived on the scene. She noted that the young dog was in serious condition. His body was covered with many ticks and fly larvae and he was in shock and dehydrated.

“They were eating [him] alive,” Linda said of the insects. His rescuers gave him water then immediately loaded him into a car and rushed him to a vet.

Here may be a video of when he was first found:

Oliviero was so grateful to be rescued he wagged his tail any time he was given attention. Vets examining Oliviero determined he was paralyzed in his hind legs thanks to an unknown trauma.

Here’s another video of Oliviero resting and enjoying some attention while recuperating.

A year has past since his rescue and Oliveira has found a loving home with Dominique Mastroianni.

He is loving his new life. Oliveira has doggie siblings to play with and likes to cuddle together with his new mom and pop .

Looking at him now, it’s hard to believe he was so near death.

Oliveira has come an extended way. He truly had a robust will to measure .

He features a wonderful new family who he appreciates with all his heart!

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Written by Jone Dark

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