Dog that’s been buried howls for help, pleading for rescuers to save her and her dying puppies that are trapped underground.

The earth shifted, burying the puppies beneath it, but their mother’s cries for help echoed through the air.

Soner Büyümez, a veterinarian working on a remote farm in Turkey, couldn’t ignore the desperate plea he heard earlier this week. Without hesitation, he rushed to the source of the sound, aching to lend a hand.

“As I arrived at the scene, I witnessed a landslide. There, I saw a dog trapped in the earth, only her head visible above the ground,” Büyümez recounted to The Dodo.

The dog was in immense pain, but Büyümez soon realized that her distress extended beyond herself.

“It was a heart-wrenching sight,” Büyümez shared.

He knew he had to act swiftly. Armed with a shovel, Büyümez wasted no time in digging frantically.

As he unearthed the dog, another sound reached his ears. It was feeble yet distinct.


“I heard the cries of puppies coming from beneath the ground,” Büyümez recalled. “They were trapped.”

With the safety of the mother secured, Büyümez resumed his excavation to rescue the seven puppies buried alive when their underground tunnel collapsed.

The furry family was reunited, bringing immense relief to their devoted mother.

Büyümez believes that the mother dog was a stray, forced to navigate life’s challenges on her own. However, she and her puppies would no longer endure their struggles alone.

“Their overall condition is excellent. The mother and her puppies are safe,” Büyümez assured. “I will care for them as if they were my own.”

In the hands of Büyümez, this resilient canine family will receive the love, protection, and support they need to thrive. Their remarkable story serves as a reminder of the incredible lengths people like Büyümez go to in order to rescue and care for those in need.


Written by Jone Dark

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