Dog says goodbye to dying owner in heartbreaking moment at hospital

A heart touching moment how the dog says goodbye to his owner.

Medical professionals responded in an unexpected way when Ryan Jessen, 33, passed away abruptly from a brain hemorrhage.

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The hospital was really kind to us, allowing us to bring my brother’s dog in to “say goodbye,” so that she might comprehend why her person never came home. If you knew my brother, you would understand how much he loved his adorable pet, Michelle, Ryan’s sister, posted on Facebook.

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The heartwarming moment between Ryan and his dog Molly was caught on camera, but it was intended for their close family alone.

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Michelle adds, “Others’ tales, their sharing in our loss, and the kindness of so many individuals have tremendously influenced and humbled us.”

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The distraught dog of Ryan, Molly, is safe with Ryan’s sister, who assures him: “Don’t worry about the dog!” She will stay with us! She belongs to the household. According to Michelle, a 17-year-life old’s will be saved by Ryan’s donor heart just in time for Christmas.

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