Dog Rυshes To A Cop And Barks Loυdly Asking Him To Rescυe His Trapped Sister

When a dog came running to Officer Christopher Bisceglia, he was carrying out his regular duties. The Scottish Terrier started barking in a vigorous at the man from Orange, Massachusetts, as he was in a desperate need of something as he kept pointing the man by his uniform toward a certain direction.

The officer felt that the dog needed a help, so, he started following him. The officer followed the dog for a long distance until he stopped at an icy, swampy embankment and started crying to let the officer move to help another Scottish terrier, who was buried and trapped in the snow!

The firefighters were called to the scene to help the stranded Scottish terrier. Furthermore, it was later discovered that the dog had escaped their old owner’s home as they’d panicked after being rushed for an emergency to the hospital. The 2 sibling dogs, Annabelle and Jacques, are doing well despite the few cuts Annabelle has suffered from falling into the embankment. Jacques and Annabelle will be under the care of animal control until their owners is out of the hospital.

Watch the video below.

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