Dog Is Convinced ‘Intruder’ In Mirror Is Hiding Somewhere In The House

Freyja has only been with her family for a few months, and is still learning how things work. She’s a smart puppy and is definitely picking things up pretty fast, like different commands and how to get her parents to play with her when they’re busy.

“Whenever she wants attention she will find a sock or slipper, or something she knows she’s not supposed to have and run out to us staring us down until we get up to chase her around,” Ashley Spada, Freyja’s mom, told The Dodo.

puppy mirror

The one concept Freyja still hasn’t quite been able to grasp, though, is mirrors.

At first, when Freyja’s mom would pick her up to look in the mirror with her, Freyja wasn’t all that fazed, perhaps because her mom’s reflection was there too. Recently, though, she’s discovered full-length mirrors for the first time, and that’s a whole different story.

puppy mirror

Whenever Freyja sees herself in the mirror now, she’s convinced that it’s actually another dog she’s seeing — and she becomes absolutely determined to try and find that other dog.

“She will bark at the ‘intruder’ and always checks behind or even goes in our room to check in there,” Spada said.

Spada has tried to show Freyja that the strange puppy in the mirror is actually her, but it hasn’t quite clicked yet, so she’s still on a mission to find the mysterious mirror puppy. She checks behind the mirror every time, but still hasn’t made any progress.

“I actually showed her the mirror again today and she was not happy about that other dog, but she just woke up from a nap and did her lazy bark/play where she just lays on her stomach,” Spada said.

Eventually, Freyja might realize that the pesky mirror pup is really just her reflection, but until then, she’ll continue to search high and low to try to find the puppy and convince them to play with her.

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