Dog Has The Sweetest Reunion With His Family After A Tornado Destroys His Home

They issued a potential EF2 tornado warning for Logan County, Arkansas, on Friday, January 10, which placed all of its residents on high alert. The cable for Bruce and Ona Dunlap abruptly quit functioning.

Bruce paid attention to the warning and wished to observe the situation firsthand. When they left the home, he saw that everything was quite peaceful, that there were no winds, and that they had nothing to worry about. However, they did not realize that a few minutes later, the situation would change.

The couple’s neighbor and friend Julie Moore advised them to get to the storm shelter immediately, and they heeded her advice.

Bruce took it upon himself to look for the family’s four cats and two dogs as Ona hurried into a room to assist her crippled companion into the shelter.

Bruce had to make the difficult decision to seek refuge without a cat named Ladybug and a dog named Dasha since they were both gone and disregarded his calls for help.

Julie stated to The Dodo:
Dasha entered the kitchen and laid down after sensing something was awry. When she arrived inside the storm shelter, Bruce was barely able to seal the door since he was at a loss for what to do.

In the end, the tornado ripped across the area, causing significant property damage. When everything was finished, they could not determine which section of the home was still standing when they exited the shelter.

As daylight broke, family members and friends were evaluating the damage to their house when Dasha’s recognizable face emerged from the wreckage.

John said:

“Dasha sprinted away asking why they took so long. Ona just reached out and grasped her face and fur before adding, “I’m sorry.” You were present. ”

Julie decided to pull out her phone and snap a few shots of the lovely meeting when she saw this nice reunion.

John said:

Ona addresses Dasha in a human manner, and she truly receives a human response from her: a kiss.

While the couple was delighted to have located their dog, one of the family members remained missing.


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