Dog Has A Very ‘Unique’ Way Of Playing With His Toy

“I don’t understand how he never runs into anything.”

The 4-year-old Weimaraner loves wearing clothes, and he’d rather get a cucumber as a treat than anything else.

“He’s the funniest little guy,” Kelsey Bundy, Diesel’s mom, told The Dodo. “He loves wearing bandanas and bow ties, his tail never stops wagging — he’s like a wind-up toy!”


But the most unique thing about Diesel is how he likes to play with his toy teddy bear.

Diesel loves his squeaky toys, but he’s obsessed with his toy bear. When he’s playing with his teddy, nothing else matters — perhaps, because everything else is out of sight.

“He’ll pick it up and run in circles with it covering his eyes,” Bundy said. “I swear he must have sonar because I don’t understand how he never runs into anything.”

Dog covers his eyes with toyDog covers his eyes with toy

Whether the eye-covering is intentional or not, Bundy isn’t sure, but it’s the only way Diesel will carry his toy bear. According to Sit Means Sit Dog Training, Diesel may be covering his eyes to please his mom or possibly show submission.

“They increase the frequency of those behaviors when they get positive feedback from us,” Sit Means Sit wrote on their website. “If you react positively when your dog places their paws over their face, cooing or petting them, they’ll be eager to receive that feedback again.”

“If your dog views you as their pack leader, hiding their face communicates their deference to you,” They added. “Your dog is just trying to let you know that they trust and respect you!”

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Whatever the reason for Diesel’s unique playstyle, his mom thinks it’s the cutest.

“Seeing him and his brother when I get home from work is the highlight of my day,” Bundy said. “He’s my shadow [and] follows me from room to room, wherever I go. I can’t imagine life without him.”

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